Coastmac is one of Australia’s leading distributors of haulage and storage attachments for light vehicles.

Our products include high quality ute canopies, ute trays, horse floats and an extensive range of trailers. Everything we sell is designed to be safe, durable, and excellent value.

We have manufacturing and assembly facilities in Western Australia and NSW, and supply to retail and commercial customers across the country including farmers, tradespeople, machinery dealers, and major hardware retailers.

Whether you need to transport machinery, work tools, household products or livestock, you can be confident the Coastmac solution is backed by experienced staff, an after-sales servicing capability, and generous warranty terms.

Trailers for Sale at Coastmac

At Coastmac, we assemble a comprehensive range of trailers in WA and NSW, meeting the diverse requirements of our Australian customers. Our WA trailers include specialised fire fighting units and mine site spec trailers. Whether you’re hauling heavy machinery or transporting livestock, our trailers ensure reliability and durability across various applications.

Trailers for Sale: For Every Industry

Our inventory of trailers in Perth and Gosford includes everything from robust box trailers and versatile flat top trailers to specialised car trailers. Our Perth trailers are assembled in Bunbury, WA, and for customers on the east coast in Gosford, NSW. We cater to various sectors, including farming, construction, trades, and retail, providing productivity and safety solutions.

Brian James Trailers – Blending Quality and Performance

Our range of trailers for sale includes the Brian James trailers, renowned for their superior design and functionality. These trailers are ideal for motorsports enthusiasts and construction professionals, capable of carrying significant loads without needing electric brakes.

Shop Brian James car transporters or tipping trailers for sale from Coastmac.

Why Choose Coastmac for Your Perth Trailer Needs?

Trusted by Professionals Across Australia

Our clients range from individual contractors to large corporations, trusting Coastmac for high-quality trailer solutions. With facilities in Western Australia and NSW, we ensure prompt and efficient service nationwide.

Custom Solutions and Exceptional Service

Beyond our extensive product range, we offer tailored solutions to meet specific client needs. Whether you’re looking for horse floats for sale or need machinery trailers, our experienced team is always available for expert advice and support. Our team provides after-sales support, ensuring you find the perfect trailer in WA & NSW for your tasks and get the help you need after purchase.

Need to personalise your trailers? We can modify our standard trailer models or design and build new models for bulk orders. Contact our Bunbury office for more information.

Commitment to Quality and Value

Everytrailer for saleat Coastmac is a testament to our commitment to quality, where we aim to build for the long haul. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and excellent value, making us a leading choice for trailer buyers in Perth, Sydney and across Australia.

Explore Our Range of Perth Trailers

If you’re looking for trailers for sale in WA, Coastmac is your new go-to. Our range includes:

  • Box Trailers: Ideal for general freight and equipment transport.
  • Flat Top Trailers: Suitable for larger items and accessible loading.
  • Car Trailers: Perfect for secure vehicle transportation.
  • Plant Trailers: Designed to carry heavy machinery with ease.
  • Tipper Trailers: Essential for construction and waste management tasks.

Enhance Your Capability with Our Accessories

To complement your trailer, we also offer a variety of accessories, such as aluminium ute canopies and ute toolboxes for sale. These provide additional storage and protection for your equipment.

Warranties for your Trailer

Our WA trailers are assembled locally at our workshop in Bunbury, WA, while on the east coast in West Gosford, NSW, using local and international parts. This allows us to maintain control over the quality of every trailer we sell.

At Coastmac, we back our Perth trailers and sell every trailer with generous warranty terms and comprehensive after-sales support. This ensures that you continue to receive value from your purchase well into the future.

Even with our fantastic warranties, taking care of your new trailer is essential:

  • Always adhere to the weight limits specified on the VIN plate to avoid overloading, as exceeding these limits can cause significant damage. It’s equally important to position your load correctly over the trailer axles to maintain balance and prevent undue stress on the drawbar.
  • Regular checks on your trailer’s running gear are necessary, starting with the wheel nuts and bearings after the initial 50km of travel, followed by inspections every six months. Be alert to any signs of bearing damage, such as excessive heat from the wheel rims, which can lead to wheels detaching.
  • Ensure your trailer’s wheels are inflated to the specified pressure for optimal performance. Regular servicing is recommended every 12 months.

Ready to Find Your Ideal Trailer in WA or NSW?

Browse our selection of trailers for sale today and discover why Coastmac is the go-to provider for durable and high-quality trailers in Perth, Sydney and across Australia. Whether you need a machinery trailer for your next project or a dog box, we have you covered.

Your new trailer awaits — let Coastmac help you make the right choice for your transport and haulage needs! Contact us now to discuss your trailer needs and take advantage of our wide selection and expert advice.

  • Australian owned
  • Quality products
  • Excellent value
  • National presence


Here are answers to some regular questions we are asked.

Where are your trailers made?

Parts for our trailers are sourced both overseas and in Australia and then assembled at our workshops in either Bunbury, WA or West Gosford in NSW. This enables us to control the quality of everything we sell.

Do your trailers come registered?

We can arrange registration but cost differs depending on the state you live. Contact our nearest outlet for more information.

Do you build customised trailers?

We can modify our standard trailers models, or design and build new models for bulk orders. Please contact our Bunbury office for more information.

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