12×7 Flat Top Trailer

3560l x 2010w mm

A flat top trailer is any trailer with a large flat useable deck space. They come in a variety of sizes and dimensions to suit different applications, and may have drop down sides or no sides at all, depending on what type of load they are designed for.

At Coastmac, we have a small selection of flat top trailers online to suit a variety of applications, from agricultural and commercial deliveries to trades such as gardening and landscaping, where both equipment and supplies need to be transported.

We supply our new flat top trailers in Perth and Bunbury and they are made of high quality materials, and our workmanship is backed by a generous warranty, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible value for money. Our facilities and expertise mean we can also modify trailers to your specifications and requirements.

$8,820 (INC. GST (WA))


  • ATM3500kg
  • TARE820kg
  • Carrying Capacity2680kg
  • Useable Deck Space3560mm x 2010mm
  • Drop Side Height300mm


  • Galvanized
  • LED Lights
  • Chequer Plate Floor
  • 12″ Electric Brakes
  • New light truck tyres
  • Heavy-Duty Tie Down Rails
  • Step Rail on Either Side
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
  • Contact us for registration details
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Front Headboard
  • Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
  • Licensed – Stamp Duty & Transfer Fees Apply
  • 12 Month Warranty


Spare Wheel
$230 (INC. GST )
Electrical Break Controller

Elecbrakes is the electric brake controller revolutionising towing in Australia and New Zealand. Delivering unparalleled performance, safety and flexibility, this trailer-mounted solution is compatible with any tow vehicle.

Suitable for caravans, trailers, horse floats and boat trailers, our 10-minute Plug and Play setup eliminates the need to modify your tow vehicle. Complete with custom presets and a smooth proportional brake response, it’s time for a seamless towing experience.

$Price on Enquiry (INC. GST )


6m x 2.29m Cargo Connect Tri Axle
6000l x 2290w mm
Brian James
$18,410 (INC. GST)
5.5m x 2.29m Cargo Connect Tri Axle
5500l x 2290w mm
Brian James
$17,690 (INC. GST)
5.5m x 2.29m Cargo Connect
5500l x 2290w mm
Brian James
$16,820 (INC. GST)
5m x 2.29m Cargo Connect
5000l x 2290w mm
Brian James
$16,080 (INC. GST)
4.5m x 2.15m Cargo Connect
4500l x 2150w mm
Brian James
$14,370 (INC. GST)
4m x 2.15m Cargo Connect
4000l x 2150w mm
Brian James
$13,620 (INC. GST)
3.6m x 2.15m Cargo Connect
3600l x 2150w mm
Brian James
$12,900 (INC. GST)
3.1m x 1.8m Cargo Connect
3100l x 1800w mm
Brian James
$10,450 (INC. GST)
14×7 Flat Top Trailer
4170l x 2010w mm
$9,450 (INC. GST)
10×7 Flat Top Trailer
2900l x 1990w mm
$6,830 (INC. GST)
7×5 Flat Top Trailer
2230l x 1520w mm
$3,360 (INC. GST)