• Don’t overload your trailer

This is a major cause of damage. The maximum load your trailer can carry is the ATM minus the TARE weight shown on the VIN plate.

  • Position the trailer load correctly

Loads should be positioned over the centre of your trailer axles. If the load is too far forward the drawbar will be heavy to lift. If too far back, the trailer will tend to tilt backwards. In both cases the load should be repositioned.

  • Look after your running gear

Check wheel nuts and bearings after the first 50kms of travel, and then every 6 months thereafter. Excessive heat from the centre of the wheel rims is a sign of bearing damage and can cause wheels to detach.

  • Check your wheels

Check that your wheels are inflated to the right pressure. This will be noted on the wheel.

  •  Service your trailer

Trailers should be serviced every 12 months. You should also wash your trailer down after carrying any acidic or alkaline materials, including grass clippings and fertilizers, and not leave refuse in the trailer for extended periods. All of this will extend its life.

  • Jockey wheels are not designed to support heavy loads

They should only be used to move the trailer when it is empty.

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